a visitor at mansfield park

Set during World War II and based on Jane Austen’s novel, Mansfield Park,  A Visitor at Mansfield Park is a one hour period drama developed by Andrea that tells the story of twenty year old Fanny Price who flees the horrors of Nazi Germany with her father Abraham to seek refuge in England at the estate of Sir Thomas Bertram.  After fleeing the horrors of Nazi Germany, Fanny finds herself disillusioned and abandoned at Sir Thomas Bertram’s grand English estate while her Zionist father assumes a dangerous post in Palestine.  An unexpected connection develops with the Betrams’ second son (and soon to be Anglican Vicar) Edmund, whose constant faith burns through Fanny’s tough exterior.  Can Fanny and Edmund’s unlikely love survive the war, much less Edmund’s mother, who’s willing to do anything to maintain her family’s status and secrets? 


© 2018 Andrea Kayne