Andrea Kayne provides customized guidance and tools so that individuals and organizations can be as effective and impactful as possible. As Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at DePaul University College of Education, she has more than 19 years of experience teaching, writing, speaking, and consulting in Organizational and Educational Leadership, specifically including but not limited to, School Law, Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, Human Resource Management, Conflict Resolution, Politics of Education, School Safety, Anti-Bullying Policy and Practice, Anti-Harassment Policy and Practice, Special Education Law, Diversity and Inclusion, Professional Learning Communities, Community and Consensus Building, Collaboration and Team Building, and Female Empowerment. Her students and clients include domestic and international K-12 educators and institutions, College and University educators and institutions, not-for-profit personnel and corporations, for profit personnel and corporations, and even Chicago Police Officers and other government employees and agencies. 

Recently, Andrea developed a leadership empowerment program entitled "Kicking Ass in a Corset: Jane Austen's 6 Principles of Internally Referenced Leadership in Externally Constraining Times." She has given several successful talks on this topic at national and regional conferences and is currently working on a book and online course as well. 


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